Black Spinel Bracelet(Faceted)10mm
Black Spinel Bracelet(Faceted)10mm

Black Spinel Bracelet(Faceted)10mm

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Product Id: 1379-1D0 黑色尖晶石

Black Spinel aids you release the past and clear your life of past associations so you can more quickly move forward into the future.

Black Spinel is a strong grounding crystal which will help you if you have been doing a lot of work with high crystal energy stones.
 It will help you to ground excess high vibration energy to Mother Gaia, via its action within both the base chakra and earth chakra.

Black Spinel helps you to release issues from the past, it is a helpful stone to aid you to rebuild relationships that may have become discordant.

In addition, black spinel is said to have a powerful healing effect. It has been used as a cure since ancient times. It can promote the circulation function and enhance the function of the human immune system by activating every cell in the body.