Green Adventurine Bracelet 12mm
Green Adventurine Bracelet 12mm

Green Adventurine Bracelet 12mm

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Green Adventurine Healing Properties

Green Adventurine is one of the premier crystals to attract luck, abundance and success. 
It is recommended to bring a piece of Aventurine with you to the casino, when on a first date, or when going to a job interview. 
It is said to increase perception and creative insight, especially in manifesting prosperity and wealth, or for increasing favor in competitions or games of chance.
Green aventurine will cleanse the heart chakra of fear and promotes a sense of emotional safety and security. 
Green Aventurine is the crystal for healthy new growth, whether that growth is physical or spiritual. It is recommended to use green aventurine when you are transforming your life or taking on new opportunities, as it will be supportive.